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  • Photo of Donna Porcelli Porcelli Graduate Program Coordinator p 585-275-3891 f 585-276-1999

Recent Dissertations

  1. Photo of Nathan Clark

    October 2012

    Nathan Clark, Ph.D.

    Microscope Characterization using Phase Retrieval Applied to Determine the Spatial Distribution of Membrane-Associated Proteins in Hematocytes

  2. Photo of Benjamin Danziger

    October 2012

    Benjamin Danziger, M.S.

    Finite Element Modeling of Electroporation in the Pig Lung: Studies in Gene Transfer and Safety

  3. Photo of Chien-Chun Yang

    March 2013

    Chien-Chun Yang, M.S.

    Predicting Biomechanical Strength of Proximal Femur Specimens through a Combination of Texture Feature Analysis and Machine Learning Techniques

  4. Photo of Carlos Sevilla

    March 2013

    Carlos Sevilla, Ph.D.

    The Role of Extracellular Matrix Fibronectin and Collagen in Cell Proliferation and Cellular Self-Assembly

  5. Photo of Kelley Garvin

    March 2013

    Kelley Garvin, Ph.D.

    Ultrasound Technologies for the Spatial Patterning of Cells and Extracellular Matrix Proteins and the Vascularization of Engineered Tissue

  6. Photo of Daniel Roy

    March 2013

    Daniel Roy, Ph.D.

    Development of Fibronectin Matrix Mimetics for the Accelerated Healing of Chronic, Cutaneous Wounds

  7. Photo of Ryan Burke

    March 2013

    Ryan M. Burke, Ph.D.

    The Role of Breast Tumor-Associated Macrophages in Collagen Microstructure Regulation as Visualized by Second Harmonic Generation