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  • Photo of Donna Porcelli Porcelli Graduate Program Coordinator p 585-275-3891 f 585-276-1999

Current Students

Student Program Tel Interests
Abidin Photo of Anas AbidinAnas Zainul Abidin Ph.D. p

Application of volumetric texture analysis methods for patellar cartilage characterization on phase contrast X-ray computed tomography

Anderson Photo of Seth AndersonSeth Anderson M.S. p

Barczykowski Photo of Jerome BarczykowskiJerome Barczykowski M.S. p

Image, signal processing & neuroengineering

Bobo Photo of Bryan BoboBryan Bobo M.S. p

Microbubble arrays for single cell sorting and antigen specific B cell detection

Bosen Photo of Adam BosenAdam Bosen Ph.D. p

The Influence of Aging on Multisensory Integration

Bouta Photo of Echoe BoutaEchoe Bouta Ph.D. p 585-276-5609

Investigating the role of lymphatics in a mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis

Brennan Photo of James BrennanJames Brennan Ph.D. p

Cell and tissue engineering

Brown Photo of Eric BrownEric Thomas Brown, M.S. Ph.D. p 585-276-0261

Impact of external head loading on human postural reflexes.

Burke Photo of Kathleen BurkeKathleen Burke Ph.D. p

Use of optics for the imaging of biological processes and advancements of diagnostics

Chung Photo of Hung-Li ChungHung-Li Henry Chung Ph.D. p 585-275-3962

IL-8 adhesion and neutrophil motility

Comeau Photo of Eric ComeauEric Comeau Ph.D. p

DSousa Photo of Adora DSousaAdora Melissa DSousa Ph.D. p

Evaluation of different non-metric clustering methods for visualization of functional connectivity in the human brain on functional MRI

Elegbe Photo of Etana ElegbeEtana Elegbe Ph.D. p 585-273-3444

Spatially Modulated Ultrasound Radiation Force as a novel tool for tissue imaging and characterization.

Farhat Photo of Youssef FarhatYoussef Farhat M.D./Ph.D. p

Development and optimization of a collagen gel model of tendon healing

Farrar Photo of Christopher FarrarChristopher Farrar Ph.D. p

Fino Photo of Gary FinoGary Fino M.S. p

Medical Devices Materials

Forst Photo of Johanna ForstJohanna Forst M.S. p

Giang Photo of Ut-Binh GiangUt-Binh Giang, Ph.D. Ph.D. p 585-273-4689

Hoffman Photo of Michael HoffmanMichael Hoffman, Ph.D. Ph.D. p

Tissue Engineered Periosteum Approaches to Heal Bone Allograft Transplants (Supported by an NIH T32 training grant 'Training in Orthopaedics')

Horev Photo of Ben HorevBen Horev Ph.D. p

Controlled Release In situ of Antibiofilm Agents via pH-Activated Nanoparticle Carriers

Hutton Photo of Emily HuttonEmily Hutton Ph.D. p

Inzana Photo of Jason InzanaJason Inzana Ph.D. p

Design and optimization of drug-eluting ceramic bone graft substitutes

Jabeen Photo of Talat JabeenTalat Jabeen Ph.D. p

Electro-mechanical responses of the organ of Corti

Jatana Photo of Samreen JatanaSamreen Jatana Ph.D. p

Role of Skin Immune Cells and Nanoparticles in Immune Tolerance

Khire Photo of Tejas KhireTejas Khire, M.S. M.S. p

Nanoscale biomaterials

Kingston Photo of Amanda KingstonAmanda Kingston Ph.D. p

Kirsch Photo of Evan KirschEvan Kirsch M.S. p

Kotelsky Photo of Alex KotelskyAlex Kotelsky Ph.D. p

Langdon Photo of Jonathan LangdonJonathan Langdon M.D./Ph.D. p

Medical imaging research

Law Photo of Andrew LawAndrew Law Ph.D. p 585-276-3005

Motor cortical plasticity underlying neuroprosthesis control.

Li Photo of Heng LiHeng Li M.S. p 585-978-5379

Lifson Photo of Mark LifsonMark Lifson Ph.D. p 585-275-1977

2DPBG sensors

Lomibao Photo of Alvin LomibaoAlvin John Lomibao, M.S. M.S. p

Madejski Photo of Gregory MadejskiGregory R. Madejski Ph.D. p

Malcolm Photo of Dominic MalcolmDominic Malcolm Ph.D. p

Development of biomaterials to facilitate sustained, localized siRNA delivery to drive differentiation in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for tissue engineering applications

Marnell Photo of Daniel MarnellDaniel Marnell Ph.D. p

Electro-mechanical responses of the organ of Corti

Marsh Photo of Graham MarshGraham Marsh Ph.D. p

Endothelial cell properties using atomic force microscopy to expolre the relationship between surface stiffness and adhesion molecule distribution

Martino Photo of Mark MartinoMark E. Martino Ph.D. p

Mercado Photo of Karla MercadoKarla P. Mercado Ph.D. p 585-273-3444

Ultrasound Characterization of Engineered Tissues

Nagarajan Photo of Mahesh NagarajanMahesh Nagarajan, M.S. Ph.D. p

Characterization of Chondrocyte Patterns in Normal and Osteoarthritic Human Patella Cartilage on Computed Tomography Phase-Contrast Imaging through Texture Analysis

Newman Photo of Maureen NewmanMaureen Newman M.S. p

Targeted bone-anabolic therapeutics to enhance osteoporosis treatment (Supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship)

Nowacki Photo of Sara NowackiSara Nowacki Ph.D. p

Okech Photo of William OkechWilliam Okech Ph.D. p

Cell and Tissue Engineering

Phelan Photo of Dana PhelanDana Phelan M.S. p

Microbubble arrays for single cell sorting

Ravichandran Photo of Supriya RavichandranSupriya Ravichandran Ph.D. p

Development of Nanoparticle Detection Probes

Scoles Photo of Drew ScolesDrew Scoles M.D./Ph.D. p

Biomedical optics and visual science

Shubin Photo of Andrew ShubinAndrew Shubin M.D./Ph.D. p

Developing hydrogels for the regeneration of salivary glands

Soto Photo of Javier SotoJavier Lapeira Soto, M.S. Ph.D. p 585-276-2254

The use of two-photon microscopy to study endothelial cell calcium dynamics and angiogenesis in breast cancer

Srinivasan Photo of Gauthan SrinivasanGauthan Srinivasan M.S. p

DNA/Protein Interactions using MagPrep P-25 Streptavidin Beads in order to produce Biofuels

Tsai Photo of Halley TsaiHalley Tsai M.S. p

Van Hove Photo of Amy Van HoveAmy Van Hove Ph.D. p

Stimuli-responsive delivery of therapeutic peptide drugs (Supported by an HHMI Med-Into-Grad Fellowship)

Varghese Photo of Jomy VargheseJomy Varghese M.D./Ph.D. p

Cancer microscopy

Wang Photo of Yuchen WangYuchen Wang Ph.D. p

Promoting MSC-mediated musculoskeletal tissue regeneration using sustained, localized siRNA delivery

Wang Photo of Xixi WangXixi Wang, M.S. Ph.D. p

Investigation of novel computational methods for establishing causality in human brain connectivity analysis on functional MRI