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Axel W. E. Wismüller, M.D., Ph.D Department of Biomedical Engineering University of Rochester work Box 648 Rochester, NY office: MCA 2-2-214 p 585-613-2399 f Wismüller

Recent Publications

    • Yang CC
    • Nagarajan MB
    • Huber MB
    • Carballido-Gamio J
    • Bauer JS
    • Baum T
    • Eckstein F
    • Lochmüller E
    • Majumdar S
    • Link TM
    • Wismüller A
    (2014 Feb 4). Improving bone strength prediction in human proximal femur specimens through geometrical characterization of trabecular bone microarchitecture and support vector regression. - Journal of electronic imaging.
    • Nagarajan MB
    • Coan P
    • Huber MB
    • Diemoz PC
    • Glaser C
    • Wismüller A
    (2014 Feb). Computer-aided diagnosis for phase-contrast X-ray computed tomography: quantitative characterization of human patellar cartilage with high-dimensional geometric features. - Journal of digital imaging.
    • Nagarajan MB
    • Huber MB
    • Schlossbauer T
    • Leinsinger G
    • Krol A
    • Wismüller A
    (2014 Jan). Classification of small lesions on dynamic breast MRI: Integrating dimension reduction and out-of-sample extension into CADx methodology. - Artificial intelligence in medicine.
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Graduate Students

  • Photo of Anas Abidin

    Anas Abidin

    Application of volumetric texture analysis methods for patellar cartilage characterization on phase contrast X-ray computed tomography

  • Photo of Adora DSousa

    Adora DSousa

    Evaluation of different non-metric clustering methods for visualization of functional connectivity in the human brain on functional MRI

  • Photo of Xixi Wang

    Xixi Wang

    Investigation of novel computational methods for establishing causality in human brain connectivity analysis on functional MRI

Axel W. E. Wismüller

  • M.D. / Ph.D., Technical University of Munich, 2006
Photo of Axel Wismüller
  • Professor

    • Imaging Sciences
    • Biomedical Engineering
  • Associate Professor

    • Electrical & Computer Engineering
    • Rochester Center for Brain Imaging

Wismüller Lab

Research Overview

The mission of Professor Wismüller's research group is to develop novel intuitively intelligible computational visualization methods for the exploratory analysis of high-dimensional data from biomedical imaging. Specifically, the focus of our research is on developing robust and adaptive systems for computer-aided analysis and visualization which combine principles and computational strategies inspired by biology with machine learning and image processing/computer vision approaches from electrical engineering and computer science.

Research efforts in Professor Wismüller's group are taking place at two complementary levels:

  • Mathematical algorithms for computational image analysis
  • Pattern recognition in clinical real-world applications

Application areas range from functional MRI for human brain mapping, MRI mammography for breast cancer diagnosis, image segmentation in Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer's Dementia to multi-modality fusion, biomedical time-series analysis, and quantitative bio-imaging. Professor Wismüller's laboratory is located in the Rochester Center for Brain Imaging, which houses a whole body 3T Siemens MRI Scanner and several high field magnets.