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Contact Info

Jong-Hoon Nam, Ph.D. Department of Biomedical Engineering University of Rochester work Rochester, NY 14627-0126 office: Hopeman 212 p 585-273-4555 f Nam

Recent Publications

  • (2014 Jun 3). Microstructures in the organ of Corti help outer hair cells form traveling waves along the cochlear coil. - Biophysical journal.
  • (2012). Optimal electrical properties of outer hair cells ensure cochlear amplification. - PloS one.
    • Beurg M
    • Nam JH
    • Chen Q
    • Fettiplace R
    (2010 Jul). Calcium balance and mechanotransduction in rat cochlear hair cells. - Journal of neurophysiology.
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Graduate Students

  • Photo of Yanju Liu

    Yanju Liu

    Fluid-structure interaction at the organ of Corti

  • Photo of Daniel Marnell

    Daniel Marnell

    Electro-mechanical responses of the organ of Corti

Jong-Hoon Nam

  • Ph.D., Virginia Tech, 2005
Photo of Jong-Hoon Nam
  • Assistant Professor

    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Center for Navigation and Communication Sciences

Nam Lab

Research Overview

Our laboratory investigates how inner ear sensory systems work - how the inner ear selects and amplifies external stimuli. Inner ear sensory cells are called mechanoelectric transducers because they are mechanically stimulated by surrounding soft tissues or fluid to generate electric signals. We focus on the mechanical interaction between the inner ear sensory cells and their surrounding structures. Computational and experimental methods are combined for our research. Various engineering/biological principles are incorporated such as structural acoustics, micro-fluidics, microelectromechanical systems, and electrophysiology.

Our goal is to:

  1. contribute to understanding sensorineural hearing and balance disorders and
  2. provide new insights for the design of biologically inspired mechano-transduction sensors and prosthetics.