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Current Researchers

  • Photo of Edward BrownEdward Brown III, Ph.D.

    Multiphoton Laser Scanning Microscopy, novel in vivo imaging and measurement techniques, tumor biology, angiogenesis

  • Photo of Regine ChoeRegine Choe, Ph.D.

    Diffuse optics for in vivo cancer detection, diagnosis and therapy monitoring

  • Photo of Diane DaleckiDiane Dalecki, Ph.D.

    Biomedical ultrasound, acoustics, lithotripsy, biological effects of ultrasound.

  • Photo of Amy LernerAmy L. Lerner, Ph.D.

    Orthopaedic biomechanics, bone growth and development, cartilage mechanics, medical image-based finite element modeling, knee biomechanics

  • Photo of Stephen McAleaveyStephen A. McAleavey, Ph.D

    Development of Novel, Clinically Applicable Ultrasound Imaging Techniques

  • Photo of Kevin ParkerKevin James Parker, Ph.D.

    Medical imaging, digital imaging, halftoning, and novel scanning techniques using Doppler shift effects

  • Photo of Seth PerrySeth W. Perry, Ph.D.

    Optical imaging approaches and technology development for cancer biology, immunology, and neuroscience

  • Photo of Edward SchwarzEdward M. Schwarz, Ph.D.

    Pro-inflammatory cytokine signal transduction and novel drug and gene therapies for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  • Photo of Axel WismuellerAxel W. E. Wismueller, M.D., Ph.D

    Intelligent image acquisition and analysis systems in biomedicine

  • Photo of Jianhui ZhongJianhui Zhong, Ph.D.

    Development and medical application of magnetic resonance imaging

Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging Photograph

TG1-1 murine mammary tumor growing in the dorsal skinfold chamber of a Tie2-GFP transgenic mouse.

Medical Imaging is one of the longest standing BME fields of endeavor at the University of Rochester. Medical Imaging covers a broad scope of hardware and software development. Our traditional strong hold was in ultrasound research both for clinical and scientific gain. The UofR's Center for Biomedical Ultrasound remains an active leader in this field. The Rochester Center for Brain Imaging recently acquired a 3 Tesla MRI scanner dedicated for research and housed in a special location adjacent to the small bore 9.4T research magnet.

Clinical applications of medical imaging in Radiation Oncology include novel approaches for screening, treatment and follow-up of cancer patients. Novel 3D tumor detection approaches are being applied for lung, brain and breast screening, and for virtual colonoscopy. Finite element modeling and deformable image registration are being used to quantify the deformation during needle biopsy and radiation damage to healthy tissue surrounding lung tumors. Imaging is now be used to quantify tissue oxygenation in and around tumors. MRDTI is being used in both patient and animal studies to model microscopic tumor spread for treatment planning, with the ultimate hope of minimizing harmful radiation side-effects following high dose radiation treatment.

The application of optical image processing is gaining momentum with the ongoing construction of the new BME-Optics building that is being funded in part from a Whitaker Foundation BME Development award. The recent acquisition by the medical center of a combined PET-CT scanner and the ongoing cone-beam CT scanner research promise to keep strong the medical imaging field at the UofR.

Affiliated Centers:

  • Center for Visual Science (CVS)

    CVS logo

    CVS was founded in 1963 by Robert M. Boynton to bring together scientists from a variety of disciplines with the common goal of pursuing excellence in vision research. These laboratories represent a diverse range of studies that span the development of the visual system to the interaction between visual perception and memory.

  • Rochester Center for Biomedical Ultrasound (RCBU)

    RCBU logo

    The Rochester Center for Biomedical Ultrasound at the University of Rochester was created in 1986 to unite professionals from both the medical and engineering communities. The Center provides a unique environment where professionals can join together to investigate the use of very high frequency sound waves in medical diagnosis and treatment.

  • Rochester Center for Brain Imaging (RCBI)

    RCBI logo

    The Rochester Center for Brain Imaging (RCBI) is a research facility offering a state-of-the-art 3T magnet for the purpose of conducting investigations using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to researchers from the University of Rochester, neighboring institutions, and the science and technology industries.