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Biomedical Acoustics

Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse

Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse

There are three main areas of study in the area of Biomedical Acoustics at the University of Rochester:

  1. Mechanisms of interaction of ultrasound energy with biological tissues, including therapeutic applications of ultrasound
  2. Ultrasound imaging, including the development of novel strategies for using ultrasound to characterize the mechanical properties of healthy and diseased tissue
  3. Studies of hearing, from cellular and molecular studies of the process of sensory reception in the inner ear, to the development of drug delivery devices for the inner ear, to studies of the physiological responses of auditory neurons at several levels of the central nervous system in young and aged animals, to behavioral studies of hearing related to sound localization and the processing of complex sounds.

The Ultrasound research projects benefit from the University of Rochester's Center for Biomedical Ultrasound. Hearing Researchers particpate actively in the Center for Navigation and Communication Sciences.

Affiliated Centers:

  • Center for Navigation and Communication Sciences (CNCS)

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    We have established the Center for Navigation and Communication Sciences, supported by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), that is specifically dedicated to research on the sensory, motor, and integrative mechanisms underlying these essential functions.

  • Rochester Center for Biomedical Ultrasound (RCBU)

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    The Rochester Center for Biomedical Ultrasound at the University of Rochester was created in 1986 to unite professionals from both the medical and engineering communities. The Center provides a unique environment where professionals can join together to investigate the use of very high frequency sound waves in medical diagnosis and treatment.