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2008 BMES Conference

2008 BMES Presentations from the University of Rochester

  • Adhesion Between Human Neutrophils and Immobilized VCAM-1 Is Rate Limited by Active Site Formation R. Waugh and E. Lomakina
  • Ex Vivo and In Vitro Tissue Shear Modulus Estimation with Spatially Modulated Ultrasound Radiation Force S. McAleavey
  • Computer-Aided Segmentation of MRI Examinations for in Vivo 3D Human Vocal Tract Analysis During Phonation A. Wismueller, J. Behrends, G. Leinsinger, P. Hoole, R. Waugh, N. Kuzma, D. Waldman, M. Reiser, T. Schlossbauer, T. Meindl, J. Zhong, S. Ekholm, and P. Westesson
  • How to Improve the Diagnostic Quality of Computer-Aided Diagnosis in Dynamic Breast MRI by Neural Network Vector Quantization A. Wismueller, O. Lange, J. Janda, T. Schlossbauer, M. Reiser, T. Meindl, S. Ekholm, K. Kaisischke, G. Schifitto, N. Kuzma, P. Westesson, J. Ewing, and D. Waldman
  • Flow-Based Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells Using Immobilized Selectins L. Western, J. Liesveld, and M. King
  • Mechanotransduction in an Extracted Cell Model Y. Chiu and K. Fujiwara
  • Cell Adhesion Molecule Distribution Relative to Neutrophil Surface Topography Assessed by TIRFM R. Waugh, O. Hyrien, and S. Hocde
  • Improved Reconstruction for iDQC MR Spectroscopy M. Jacob, R. Shankar, R. Gu, and J. Zhong
  • Microbubble Formation in Polydimethylsiloxane as Microfluidic Devices for Cell Proliferation Studies U. Giang, L. DeLouise, and M. King
  • Capture and Neutralization of Circulating Cancer Cells K. Rana, J. Liesveld, and M. King
  • Controlled Microfabrication of Microbubbles in Polydimethylsiloxane Using Gas Expansion Molding Techniques U. Giang, M. King, and L. DeLouise
  • Model of the IHC-AN Synapse: Power-Law Adaptation in the Discharge Rates of Auditory-Nerve Fibers M. Zilany, I. Bruce, P. Nelson, and L. Carney
  • Signal Processing and Evaluation of Sounds Using a Computational Model for Auditory-Nerve Fibers N. Huang, and L. Carney
  • Sensitivity of Tibial Bone Stress to Normal Variation in Joint Moments, Bone Size and Body Weight S. Lancianese, P. Funkenbusch, and A. Lerner