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2009 BMES Conference

From left to right: Philip LeDuc (BMES Student Affairs Committee Chair), Kelli Summers '11, Imoh Ikpot '10, Ramzi El Hassan '10, George Truskey (BMES President)

Dozens of UR students and faculty attended the Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA from October 7-10. Our group gave 12 oral presentations and presented 17 posters demonstrating work in many areas of the department's research, including imaging, orthopaedics, tissue engineering, neuroengineering, nanotechnology, and cellular mechanics. The work was presented by faculty, graduate students and undergraduates, and also included examples of both translational research and educational outreach programs. The department also hosted an exhibit booth to meet with prospective students and faculty.

The annual meeting also offered numerous activities for students, related to research and career development. Perhaps most exciting was that our student BMES chapter received a Meritorious Achievement Award. This recognizes the best student chapter in the nation for achievements during the last academic year, based on last year's Chapter Development Report.

Oral Presentations:

  • Images of Liver Shear Modulus Obtained with Spatially Modulated Ultrasound Radiation Force Stephen McAleavey, Etana Elegbe, Manoj Menon
  • Using Computational Models to Compare Knee Osteoarthritis Risk Reduction Strategies Sarah Lancianese, Amy Lerner
  • Fibronectin Induces Tissue Body Formation in an In-Vitro Model of Impaired Wound Healing Carlos Sevilla, Denise Hocking
  • A Laboratory Based Introduction to Biomedical Engineering for High School Students Abbey McGrew, Eric Brown, Newton de Faria, Greg Gdowski
  • Limb movements and joint angle patterns during deep brain stimulation for Parkinsonís disease Vivek Khandwala, Michelle Burack, Jonathan Mink, Greg Gdowski , Martha Gdowski
  • Ultrathin Silicon Membranes as Highly Permeable Molecular Sieves J. McGrath, T. Gaborski, J. Snyder, M. Kavalenka, C. Striemer, D. Fang, K. Reisig, M. Hoffman, and P. Fauchet
  • Size- and charge-based separations of molecular size ladders using porous nanocrystalline silicon (pnc-Si) membranes J.L Snyder, P.J. Black, D.Z. Fang, C.C. Striemer, W.A. Bernhard, P.M. Fauchet, J.L. McGrath
  • Environmental Control of the Hospital Room Through Defined Vocal Commands J. Jackson, S. Neimanis, A. Zakrzewski, M. Zevon, G. Gdowski
  • Modulation of Spiking and LFP Activity in M1 during Dexterous Movements M. Mollazadeh, V. Aggarwal, A. Law, A. Davidson, M. Schieber, and N. Thakor
  • Head Stabilization During Whole Body Translation Abbey McGrew, Greg Gdowski
  • Ultrathin Porous Nanocrystalline Silicon (pnc-Si) Membranes for In Vitro Models of Tissue Barriers B. J. Nehilla, A. A. Agrawal, K. V. Reisig, and J. L. McGrath
  • Hydrodynamic Bioreactor Culture Induces Superficial Zone Features in Engineered Cartilage Tony Chen, Michael Zuscik, Matthew Hilton, Hani Awad

Poster Presentations:

  • Detecting region of recurrence of brain tumors by tracking the movement of brain tumor cells on a rat model using MR-Diffusion Tensor Imaging Divya Raman, Anitha Priya Krishnan, Sammy N'dive, Scott Kennedy, John Olschowka, Delphine Davis, Walter O'Dell
  • Defining and Measuring Procedure Load Index Values for Premature Infants Stephen Antos, Frances Bell, Benjamin Freedman, Adam Kozak, Travis Kroot, Ho Tak Lam, Kirsten Ross, Brett Sternfield, Laurel Carney, Martin Schiavenato
  • Acoustic Focusing Flow Cytometry a Precise and Sensitive Instrument for Microparticle Analysis C. Blivin, T. A. Woods, and S. W. Graves
  • Enhancing Predictions of Trabecular Bone Yield Strength Through MR Imaging I. Ikpot, M. Huber, S. Lancianese, M. Nagarajan, A. Lerner, A. Wismueller
  • Pain assessment of Neonates Using an Automated Signal Analysis Device N. Zuk, S. Seidman, L. H. Carney, M. Schiavenato
  • Automatic Segmentation of Ventricles & Outer Brain Contour in Human Brain MR Images using Level Sets Sharmistha Chaudhuri, Anitha Priya Krishnan, Divya Raman, Robert Ambrosini, Delphine Davis, Walter O'Dell
  • Using Acoustic Radiation Force to Spatially Organize Cells in Three-Dimensional Engineered Tissue Kelley Garvin, Denise C. Hocking, Diane Dalecki
  • Development of Novel Fibronectin Matrix Mimetics for use as Growth-promoting Adhesive Substrates Daniel Roy, Denise Hocking
  • Ictogenesis as a problem in non-linear control Sneha Narayanan, Sally Duarte, David Pinto
  • Microfluidic Applications Enabled by Porous Nanocrystalline Silicon (pnc-Si) Membrane: Counterflow Dialysis, Electroosmotic Flow, and Cell Chemotaxis H. L. Chung, J. L. Snyder, D. Z. Fang, C. C. Striemer, P. M. Fauchet, and J.L. McGrath
  • Threshold and Differential Dynamics of Beta-2 Integrin Upregulation in Neutrophils after Contacting IL8 Elena Lomakina, Richard Waugh
  • Modeling and Measurement of Adhesion Molecule Distribution at Cell-Substrate Interfaces Sandrine Hocde, Richard Waugh, Ollivier Hyrien
  • A Neural Model of the Inferior Colliculus with Excitatory and Inhibitory Input from the Cochlear Nucleus and the Superior Paraolivary Nucleus D. R. Axe, L. Carney
  • Modeling and Analyzing Reaction Time in a Two-Choice Auditory Task Using the Diffusion Model S. L. Lo, N. Huang, F. Idrobo, L. H. Carney
  • Head movements produced during unpredictable linear translation while wearing a football helmet Eric Brown, L Hongge, Martha Gdowski, Greg Gdowski
  • Evaluation of PriMatrix™ Dermal Repair Scaffold R. Slater, A. Blackwood, G. Pins
  • Neck Muscle Activation by Linear Evoked Colic Reflexes in Response to Changes in Head Inertia K. Reynolds, E. Brown, G. Gdowski