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2010 BMES Conference

After the conference, UR BME faculty, staff and students try out Segways on a tour of Austin! (left to right: Amy Lerner, Dottie Welch, Danielle Benoit, Hannah Watkins and Molly Boutin)

The 2010 Annual BMES meeting was held at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas from October 6-9. The theme, Engineering New Frontiers in Medicine and Biology, reflected the BMES goal to create a meeting that highlighted the future of Biomedical Engineering. BMES added new features at the meeting, including a Meet-the-Faculty-Candidates poster session and an additional plenary session, Future Frontiers of Biomedical Engineering.

During the meeting, Richard Waugh, Ph.D., UR BME department chair, was elected president of BMES.

New for 2010 were Student Chapter Tables, showcasing Student Chapter activities and materials; the UR student chapter received a Commendable Achievement Award. Last year, the chapter received the Meritorious Achievement Award, which recognizes the best student chapter in the nation for achievements during the academic year. This is the first time in the history of the awards that a chapter from the same school has been recognized for excellence in two consecutive years, says Rick Waugh, BME department chair, and newly elected president of BMES.

Oral Presentations:

  • Fibronectin Matrix Conformation Defines Regions of Cell Proliferation and Stress Fiber Formation Carlos Sevilla, Diane Dalecki, and Denise Hocking
  • Collaboration for Healthcare in Developing Countries A. L. Lerner, S. H. Seidman, B. Castaneda, and W. Carrera

Poster Presentations:

  • Modeling Variations in Varus-Valgus Laxity in the Healthy Knee Joint B. Morse, C. Clary, A. J. Cyr, P. D. Funkenbush, L. Maletsky, and A. L. Lerner
  • Using micro-Computed Tomography to assess Transport Parameters through Fluid Spaces of the Cochlea M. Gladstone, X. Zhu, A. Luebke, R. D. Frisina, and D. A. Borkholder
  • Mechanisms Underlying Collective Cell Migration in Vitro K. Summers, M. Bindschadler, H. Chung, B. Nehilla, and J. McGrath
  • Novel Parthenolide Delivery System for Acute Myeloid Leukemia Treatment H. C. Watkins, and D. Benoit