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2011 BMES Conference

(Left to right): Kris Billiar, BMES Chair of the Student Affairs Committee, Cassie Gorman, UR BMES chapter member, and Dr. Richard Waugh, BMES President.

The UR Biomedical Engineering department was well represented at this year's Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting in Hartford, Connecticut. In attendance were 5 faculty members, including Dr. Richard Waugh (BME Department Chair and BMES President), 5 graduate students, 2 staff members, and 24 undergraduate students, who presented posters and spoke about their research.

The event was highlighted with the UR BME Student Chapter being awarded the Student Chapter Mentoring Program Award. This award recognized the UR BME mentoring program, established in 2010 by Ben Freedman BME '11. The program pairs upperclassmen and graduate students with freshmen and sophomores and encourages communication between class years and the passing of knowledge about classes, workloads and in the future, networking opportunities.

Oral Presentations:

  • State of the Society Address Richard Waugh, President of BMES, Department Chair
  • Noninvasive Optical Monitoring of Bone Quality in an Arthritic Mouse Model Masahiko Takahata, Jason Maher, Jason Inzana, Andrew Berger, Hani Awad
  • Implantable neural Microthread Electrodes Probe at Mechanisms Behind Chronic Electrode Failure Takashi Kozai, Nicholas Langhals, Paras Patel, Xiaopei Deng, Huanan Zhang , Karen Smith, Joerg Lahann ,Nicholas Kotov , Fongming Hooi , Ania Majewska , Edward Brown ,Daryl Kipke
  • Ultrahigh Permeability Substrates Induce 3-D Tissue Formation by Multiple Cell Types James McGrath, Barrett Nehilla
  • Utilizing siRNA to Direct Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation Molly Boutin, Danielle Benoit
  • Do Age and Sex-Related Variations in Material Properties Predict Prevalence of Knee Osteoarthritis? Andrea Morrell, Jason Inzana, Paul Funkenbusch, Amy Lerner

Poster Presentations:

  • Multiphoton Microscopy Reveals Flawed Pro-Angiogenic Signaling In Breast Tumor Endothelial Cells Javier Lapeira Soto, Kelley Madden, Edward Brown III
  • University of Rochester Database for the Analysis of Seizure Detection Algorithms (UR DASDA) Gregory Hartnett, Zachary Milstone, Caitlin O'Connell, Geoffrey Yee, Andrew Hagar, Brian Schwartz, Steven Erickson, Ramona Heisig, Michel Berg, James Burchfiel, Laurel Carney
  • Combined Effects of Glucocorticoids and TNF-alpha on Murine Bone Strength and Quality Jason Inzana, Masahiko Takahata, Subhash Juneja, Edward Schwarz, Hani Awad
  • Automatic Segmentation of Blood Vessel in the presence of Fibrosis in Volumetric Lung CT Images Sindhuja Govindarajan, Siddarth Chandrasekharan, Walter O'Dell
  • Measuring the Modulus and Thickness of the Endothelial Glycocalyx with AFM Graham Marsh, Richard Waugh
  • Determining the Metastatic Potential of A375 Melanoma Cells via Migratory Patterns Using Microbubbles in PDMS Utbinh Giang, Lei Xu, Lisa Delouise
  • Conditioning of the Cellular Microenvironment by HaCaT Cells Cultured in Microbubbles Formed in Polydimethylsiloxane Siddarth Chandrasekaran, Ut-Binh Giang, Lisa Delouise, Michael King
  • Quantifying Dynamic Changes of Ocular Surface Temperature in Dry Eye Patients Brian Dixon
  • Patterning of siRNA Cues within Hydrogels to Spatially Control Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation Daniel Reynolds, Danielle Benoit
  • Creation of a Mammalian Promoter Library for Identification of Cell-Specific DNA Nuclear Targeting Sequences Tiffany Kobee, Lynn Gottfried, David Dean