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Tuesday, Apr 02, 2013

8:30 AM9:30 AM Goergen Hall 101

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BME Seminar Series: Youti Kuo, President, Rochester Innovations

Innovation on medical devices and patenting


The patent data base in US and in the world provides advanced trend of technology development. The need for innovation in medical devices for rapid diagnosis and drug delivery for chronic treatment of increased aging population presents great opportunity for patenting to gain competitive edge and business growth. The new America Invents Act requiring First to File prompts the practice of writing own patent applications by engineers, scientists, and researchers to file provisional patent applications as early as possible even without any assistance from professional patent agents or attorneys. This seminar provides overview of recent advances in medical devices with emphasis on potential improvements for patenting. The presenter will describe a methodology of Internet Patenting for researchers and inventors to write patent applications with high efficiency and effectiveness to achieve professional quality of published patents. The practice of Internet Patenting will enable chain of innovations beyond one's initial idea to achieve higher technology goal.