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Monday, Apr 01, 2013

2:00 PM3:00 PM MC K-207 (2-6408)

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BME Ph.D. Proposal Seminar: Rashmi Sriram (Supervised by Prof. Ben Miller)

2D Photonic Crystal Biosensor Integrated with Microfluidic Channels as a Platform for Sensitive and Specific Detection of Human Papillomavirus Virus-like-Particles from Human Serum


2D photonic crystals (2D PhCs) offer a sensitive platform for detection of virus particles owing to their ability to sense small changes in refractive index upon binding of biological molecules. Previously, we have demonstrated sensitive and specific detection of proteins and virus-like particles using 2D PhCs. However, in these experiments, the signal from the device was obtained after drying the chip following analyte incubation. This procedure requires longer analyte incubation times (ranging from one hour to overnight) especially at picomolar concentrations, and therefore precludes its practical utility in point-of-care diagnostics.

In this proposal, we will demonstrate sensitive and specific detection of human papillomavirus virus-like particles (HPV VLPs) from human serum samples in a microfluidic environment. We hypothesize that integration of microfluidic flow with the 2D PhC device will enable transport of particles to the crystal sensor and provide quantifiable signal in short time scales from HPV VLPs spiked into human serum (~30 minutes). We will achieve this goal by considering three specific aims in this proposal. In the first aim we will characterize the refractive index sensitivity of the device in a fluidic environment. We will then demonstrate sensitive and specific detection of HPV VLPs delivered to the sensor surface via microfluidic flow from buffer solutions in the second aim. Finally we demonstrate for the third aim that HPV VLPs will be detected in a sensitive and specific manner from human serum samples. Upon completion of all the aims outlined in this proposal, we will have a 2D PhC device integrated with microfluidic channels to specifically detect HPV VLPs from human serum samples. In principle this can be extended to any virus of interest and will have a positive impact in the field of clinical diagnostics.