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Undergraduate Program

Biomedical Engineering at the University of Rochester involves the application of engineering science and technology to solve problems in biology and medicine. This broad area offers many career opportunities, ranging in scope from advanced research to engineering practice in industrial or clinical settings. The Department of Biomedical Engineering, in conjunction with strong academic programs in the basic sciences and other engineering disciplines at the University of Rochester, offers outstanding training in this rapidly growing field.

The Bachelors of Science degree program in biomedical engineering at the University of Rochester is one of 71 programs (as of October 2010) that is accredited by ABET. Our curriculum emphasizes fundamental engineering and design principles taught in the context of current problems in medicine and biology. A series of nine core courses required of all BME students provides a solid foundation in engineering principles relevant to biomedical engineering practice. To ensure in-depth training in engineering, students are required to complete a sequence of four engineering courses in a focus area of biomedical engineering. These areas of concentration are Biomechanics, Biosignals & Biosystems, Cell & Tissue Engineering, and Medical Optics. The program is capped with a Senior Design course required for all students. This program requires a total of 129 credit hours, including a minimum of 50 credit hours devoted to mathematics and natural sciences and a minimum of 51 credit hours devoted to engineering. In keeping with the entrepreneurial and translational spirit at the University of Rochester, many of our students have been successful in an annual business plan competition to consider further development of their designs.

Students also have the opportunity to Study Abroad. Science and technology have no borders! Invest in your future by developing cross-cultural skills that will enable you to communicate with scientists anywhere in the world. Read student testimonials here.

Check out the Undergraduate Curriculum diagram for a visual outline of the undergraduate program. 

Questions? Contact Taimi Marple, Undergraduate Program Coordinator by email or by phone at 585.273.4754. 

Undergraduate Program